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Weekend Reading List: Seduction, surrealism, and so much love




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Weekend Reading List: Bikes, biases, and bisexual heroes


  • Guys guys guys I forgot to share this before, but Elly Blue sent me the Kickstarter for Pedal Zombies, her awesome bicycle-themed, feminist science fiction anthology, and it looks great and is so near the deadline and aaaalmost has enough money so go check it out!
  • There’s a long history of racebending Hermione Granger, and Buzzfeed has a lovely piece on why it’s important, and what it meant to a little biracial girl particularly.
  •  Woo this trailer for Goodnight Mommy looks scary/amazing. [AV Club]
  • The Swedish crime thriller My Name is N just came out in North America, and the backlash against the rugged bisexual action hero has already started. The Mary Sue has some interesting thoughts on the dearth of male bisexual characters, and the need for them.
  • So these Tumblr users took a throwaway line in The Goblet of Fire about Slytherin student Warrington potentially becoming the Hogwarts champion in the Triwizard tournament, and spun the most beautiful alternative reality story. I legit teared up.
  •   Hey ever thought that Disney movies would be a lot better if they were a lot queerer? (It’s not just me right?) Well if pairings like Aladdin/Hercules, Jasmin/Ariel, and Sleeping Beauty/Pocahontas sound interesting to you, you’ll want to check out these great gifsets (like the amazingness above). [Dopeybeauty.tumblr.com]
  • And finally, the Mary Sue on the absurdity of gendered children’s merchandise.
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Weekend Reading List: Songs, stilettos, and Satan


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Weekend Reading List: I will never stop talking about witches


  • I watched the first episode of a web show called Peacekeepers, about a mysterious entity who hires people to stop deaths, sending them where they need to go via text, and it’s pretty intriguing. Give it look.
  • There a new documentary out called She Makes Comics, and it’s all about the history of women in the comics industry, and what we can expect going forward. Bitch has all the info you need.
  • Okay so the tendency of female fans to fetishize slash pairings (the non-canon relationships between two male characters) is something I’ve thought a lot about (and even touched on briefly before), and the Mary Sue has a good starting off point that I hope leads to greater discussion.
  • Anthony Stewart Head (Giles from Buffy for those not in the know) heard that Jay, a huge fan of his, was trans and bummed about only having mis-gendered pictures and autographs, so he invited him to come hang out with him on his farm for the day. Jay blogged about the whole thing on Tumblr, and it’s great.
  • Okay so I’ve been crazy busy and haven’t had time to read this for myself, but Autostraddle wrote about a new webcomic called Witchy and it looks so cool!
  • Here’s an essay on the importance of Star Trek: Voyager to a young, nerdy girl, and it really lays out why I still love the series, despite the fact that there have been much better Star Trek shows. [io9]
  • This last one’s a little hard to describe, but just go with me on this one and click through. You think you’re getting a regular old game review, but it’s the insane, sweeping, hilarious introduction that functions as a great takedown of extreme “ethics in games journalism” that you’ll want to read. [Network N]

Image by Alice Jamieson.

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Weekend Reading List: Black heroes and blood sports


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And never the twain shall meet


Rooting for specific relationships happens to be one of my favourite pastimes, and the more absurd and unlikely the better. In fact, if they exist in totally different worlds, that’s ideal. They’ll never meet, and there will never be an opportunity for writers/producers/actors to botch the job and disappoint me. No one will betray their true love, bad dialogue will never ruin the moment, and people won’t die right when things are at their best (looking at you, Whedon). Their love will stay safe and perfect in my brain, where it belongs.

So in honour of all the one-night hookups and epic love stories that will never be—crackships, if you will—here are some of my favourites. (Obvious spoiler warning is obvious.)


Like anyone else would suffer them (by justinripley.tumblr.com)

1. Joffrey Lannister and Draco Malfoy

Aside from the aesthetics, aren’t these two a match made in heaven? Annoying, evil, privileged, and spoiled, it just all fits. And sure, Draco ends up reformed and Joffrey ends up dead (thank GOD), but had they met, maybe they would have softened each other’s edges? After a tumultuous (and hot) beginning, they might have given each other the love and support they needed to become just that little bit kinder? Maybe that’s wishful thinking, but at the very least, if they’re busy getting their rocks off with one another, it means they’re leaving the rest of us alone.



Let me clutch this book to my breast as if it were you

2. Rory Gilmore and Hermione Granger

Indulge this grown-up eager-beaver bookworm for a moment. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see these two together? Academic rivals, constantly pushing each other to excel, sniping at each other with vocabularies no one else can understand, forced to work together on some class project, late nights, ink smudges, library stacks… This stuff writes itself. Hermione needs someone on her level, and Rory’s relationship with Paris has shown that she has a great give and take with someone as focused and dedicated to hard work as she is.



Cool. (By Kazeki)

3. Frozen‘s Elsa and Jack Frost

LONG LIVE THE ICE QUEEN AND KING. I don’t care that Rise of the Guardians was actually a pretty mediocre movie. (It had its moments. Russian Santa Claus using famous composers instead of cuss words? Rachmaninoffing amazing.) I don’t care that Elsa is being hailed as a metaphor for queer sexuality. Jack Frost is a cutie, and Elsa deserves someone who can actually snuggle up to her at night. Besides, “the cold never bothered me anyway” is a great pickup line.



Is that a codpiece or are you just happy to see me?

4. Eowyn and Brienne of Tarth

Marginalized lady fighters finding solace and acceptance in each other’s arms is possibly my favourite story that I’ve never actually seen. I lovelovelove Faramir (and I’m more than a little attached to the idea of Brienne and Sansa ending up together) but come on how perfect would Eowyn/Brienne be? Think of the sparring montages! The post-battle bandaging! They are so perfect for one another it hurts. They look amazing as a pair, and they even have the same dramatic helmet removal down pat.



Beep beep and vworp vworp indeed

 5. The TARDIS and the Magic School Bus

Because why the hell not. The TARDIS is sexy and the Magic School Bus has a great sense of humour. Done. OTP.

(Also River Song is totally a young Ms. Frizzle, so this one isn’t even that improbable.)


Top image: The meme’s original art is from Hyperbole and a Half, by the fantastic Allie Brosh


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