Weekend Reading List: I will never stop talking about witches


  • I watched the first episode of a web show called Peacekeepers, about a mysterious entity who hires people to stop deaths, sending them where they need to go via text, and it’s pretty intriguing. Give it look.
  • There a new documentary out called She Makes Comics, and it’s all about the history of women in the comics industry, and what we can expect going forward. Bitch has all the info you need.
  • Okay so the tendency of female fans to fetishize slash pairings (the non-canon relationships between two male characters) is something I’ve thought a lot about (and even touched on briefly before), and the Mary Sue has a good starting off point that I hope leads to greater discussion.
  • Anthony Stewart Head (Giles from Buffy for those not in the know) heard that Jay, a huge fan of his, was trans and bummed about only having mis-gendered pictures and autographs, so he invited him to come hang out with him on his farm for the day. Jay blogged about the whole thing on Tumblr, and it’s great.
  • Okay so I’ve been crazy busy and haven’t had time to read this for myself, but Autostraddle wrote about a new webcomic called Witchy and it looks so cool!
  • Here’s an essay on the importance of Star Trek: Voyager to a young, nerdy girl, and it really lays out why I still love the series, despite the fact that there have been much better Star Trek shows. [io9]
  • This last one’s a little hard to describe, but just go with me on this one and click through. You think you’re getting a regular old game review, but it’s the insane, sweeping, hilarious introduction that functions as a great takedown of extreme “ethics in games journalism” that you’ll want to read. [Network N]

Image by Alice Jamieson.

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