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Weekend Reading List: comics, climate, and calling out abuse


Image from Demon Street, by Aliza Layne

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We found love in a nerdy place: The best Comic Con missed connections


Conventions are a great place for nerd love to bloom, and it’s a wonderful thing. Shared interests are important! Though some might mock, I find looking at craigslist posts fascinating. How does an aspiring Han Solo find love? Does Princess Mononoke use pick up lines?

When a lonely Ood just wants to share the song of the universe with someone, the internet can be a great tool. So here are some of the funniest or most adorable missed connections, and a few that miss the point:

LT Dangle from SDCC where are you?

You were the perfect LT Jim Dangle from RENO 911! at Comic Con but with big muscles and tan ALL OVER! And super-duper funny! We got pics with you, I think you got them with us too, and we chatted outside the convention center on Thurday, we saw you again on Friday and waved, then bumped into you on Saturday again but not sure you remembered us. I don’t know anything really about you because you refused to get out of character and just kept stretching! Lol! VERY HOT!

Ability to stay in character: Promising. 

eye patch having, camo wearing volunteer at Comic-Con

Our hands briefly grazed in the volunteer line on Friday, you apologized and then told me your soul was pulling to hold my hand. I saw you again Saturday morning but didn’t get a chance to talk to you as our volunteering took us in different directions. I was disappointed I didn’t see you again during the con. If you see this, and remember our hand holding connection, reach out and get in touch.

brb changing my OKCupid profile to read “must have eyepatch”

Nerd HQ party tonight — you’re the photo guy!

Hey adorable photobooth guy. My friends and I came for a quick pic and ended up hovering way too long because 2 out of 4 of us thought you were cute. The other two were really tired, so they probably weren’t seeing straight. Thought we maybe had a moment or two but this is, you know, Comic-con, and I am, you know, a big fucking dork, so I didn’t say much to you. But if there’s any chance you 1) can guess which girl I was at the fan party and 2) live in LA, not San Diego, how about you message me back?

ps. You were wearing a black t-shirt tonight and a watch on your leeeeftttt? wrist? Dark hair, not the hat guy.

p.p.s. My friend bet me a box of donuts that I wouldn’t post this, so I’m looking at this as a win-win. Though I’d gladly give up the donuts for a drink with you. Unless you’re a dick or something, then I’d take the donuts, but you seemed pretty nice. (Call me)

Doughnuts > Dates

Star Wars girl with costume and double bladed lightsaber

I was walking back towards the convention center after dinner with friends, and you commented that you really liked my Star Wars shirt as I was walking by. I thought you were cute, and you were cool with me taking a picture of your costume too. I would love to chat with you more if there’s some way that you happen to see this before Comic Con ends 🙂

Okay hold the phone. Jedi take a vow of celibacy and you know this. This is just insensitive. 

Tattooed girl outside HOB Saturday Night, Comic-Con

To the girl sitting on the curb after Hollywood Babble-On at the House of Blues Saturday night. You had tattoos on your arms. a plaid shirt, and a storm trooper hair clip. I thought I saw you come out of the show alone, and watched you sit on the curb waiting for the shuttle to take a bunch of us back to the convention center. I wish I had the courage to actally say more to you other than the small talk about how long of a day it was. You were beautiful, and I still think of you now back home here in LA. If you do read this, just know that for those 10 minutes, you were the world to me. You were the highlight of a weekend filled with gorgeous women all around the convention center.

Pro tip: When flirting with someone, it’s best not to talk about how “gorgeous women” are “all around” you.

Sexy cosplayer guys!

I was at comic con recently and I was of course checking out cute cosplaying guys. I was wondering if any guys that cosplayed were interested in connecting. 🙂 I cosplayed as a nyphm and I saw a really cute Link and a bunch of sexy guys in costumes I can’t quite place. ahhaa. Soo many sexy wolverines. 🙂 Anywho, if you cosplayed at comic con, hit me up. 🙂

Anyone in costume. Literally anyone. No I’m not picky, why do you ask?

Comic Con: Picardigan seeking Eleventh Doctor

Me: A red Picardigan You: Eleventh Doctor (50th anniversary)I was with my friend (she was dressed as Baymax) in the Sails Pavilion on Friday as the exhibit hall closed.

You complimented my red Picardigan and touched my NerdHQ necklace. I told you I had cosplayed as Eleven the day before. You said you wished you could have seen it. I missed all the signals and watched you walk away. You were cute.

My friends pointed out my error but I never found you again. I would have given you my number on a Neil Gaiman sticker.

I didn’t even take a picture so this is a shot in the dark, but here goes. Geronimo!

I’ll be honest, I did not know what a Picardigan was. Now I must have one. 

Flame Princess

You were dressed as Flame Princess on 7/11 at Comic-Con. I complimented your costume and you said you made it yourself. You asked if I made mine. I couldn’t get you out of my head and thought I’d give this a try. Long shot but if you read this and think you know who I am reply with who I was dressed as in the subject.
Oh. My. Glob.
Best of luck to all the potential lovers!
Top image by deeeskye.tumblr.com.
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Monthly Reading List: The Sequel


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Weekend Reading List: Gwendoline Christie and geek therapy

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 9.47.12 PM

  • First, let’s get the really good news out of the way: Star Wars Episode VII cast Lupita Nyongo and Gwendoline Christie, and OH MY GOD WHO WILL THEY PLAY WHAT WILL THEY DO THIS IS SO EXCITING. [Entertainment Weekly]
  • The Mary Sue has a great piece on masculinity and video game violence.
  • “The publishing industry looks a lot like these best-selling teenage dystopias: white and full of people destroying each other to survive.” So says author Daniel José Older, who tackles the risks associated with an all-white publishing industry. [Buzzfeed]
  • In a similar vein, novelist N.K. Jemisin was a recent a guest speaker at WisCon and has a transcript of her speech available on her blog. It’s a great piece of writing about the growing presence of people of colour in genre literature, and the setbacks and dangers they can face.
  • Jezebel looks at HBO, its history of being a pioneer, and where the network has gone wrong, particularly with Game of Thrones and its irresponsible use of female bodies for shock value.
  • Anyone who’s watched the Russel T. Davies and Steven Moffat runs of Doctor Who knows that the latter has a much worse track record when it comes to female characters (both in their number and in their prominence). This infographic, via the Daily Dot, shows very clearly exactly how much both show runners cared about having a variety of women, the amount of time those women spent speaking, and whether they talked to other women at all.
  • Acknowledging the difficulty of being a geek in therapy, and having to bring your therapist up to speed on the community’s issues before even starting to discuss them, the people behind Geek Feminism have put together a wiki-full of resources for therapists.
  • Remember that time Hayao Miyazaki created a music video for Chage and Aska? The Mary Sue does.
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Weekend Reading List: Doctors’ Doctors and zombie-slaying squads

6407402_12204147_lz copy

Top image by Koroa

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And never the twain shall meet


Rooting for specific relationships happens to be one of my favourite pastimes, and the more absurd and unlikely the better. In fact, if they exist in totally different worlds, that’s ideal. They’ll never meet, and there will never be an opportunity for writers/producers/actors to botch the job and disappoint me. No one will betray their true love, bad dialogue will never ruin the moment, and people won’t die right when things are at their best (looking at you, Whedon). Their love will stay safe and perfect in my brain, where it belongs.

So in honour of all the one-night hookups and epic love stories that will never be—crackships, if you will—here are some of my favourites. (Obvious spoiler warning is obvious.)


Like anyone else would suffer them (by justinripley.tumblr.com)

1. Joffrey Lannister and Draco Malfoy

Aside from the aesthetics, aren’t these two a match made in heaven? Annoying, evil, privileged, and spoiled, it just all fits. And sure, Draco ends up reformed and Joffrey ends up dead (thank GOD), but had they met, maybe they would have softened each other’s edges? After a tumultuous (and hot) beginning, they might have given each other the love and support they needed to become just that little bit kinder? Maybe that’s wishful thinking, but at the very least, if they’re busy getting their rocks off with one another, it means they’re leaving the rest of us alone.



Let me clutch this book to my breast as if it were you

2. Rory Gilmore and Hermione Granger

Indulge this grown-up eager-beaver bookworm for a moment. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see these two together? Academic rivals, constantly pushing each other to excel, sniping at each other with vocabularies no one else can understand, forced to work together on some class project, late nights, ink smudges, library stacks… This stuff writes itself. Hermione needs someone on her level, and Rory’s relationship with Paris has shown that she has a great give and take with someone as focused and dedicated to hard work as she is.



Cool. (By Kazeki)

3. Frozen‘s Elsa and Jack Frost

LONG LIVE THE ICE QUEEN AND KING. I don’t care that Rise of the Guardians was actually a pretty mediocre movie. (It had its moments. Russian Santa Claus using famous composers instead of cuss words? Rachmaninoffing amazing.) I don’t care that Elsa is being hailed as a metaphor for queer sexuality. Jack Frost is a cutie, and Elsa deserves someone who can actually snuggle up to her at night. Besides, “the cold never bothered me anyway” is a great pickup line.



Is that a codpiece or are you just happy to see me?

4. Eowyn and Brienne of Tarth

Marginalized lady fighters finding solace and acceptance in each other’s arms is possibly my favourite story that I’ve never actually seen. I lovelovelove Faramir (and I’m more than a little attached to the idea of Brienne and Sansa ending up together) but come on how perfect would Eowyn/Brienne be? Think of the sparring montages! The post-battle bandaging! They are so perfect for one another it hurts. They look amazing as a pair, and they even have the same dramatic helmet removal down pat.



Beep beep and vworp vworp indeed

 5. The TARDIS and the Magic School Bus

Because why the hell not. The TARDIS is sexy and the Magic School Bus has a great sense of humour. Done. OTP.

(Also River Song is totally a young Ms. Frizzle, so this one isn’t even that improbable.)


Top image: The meme’s original art is from Hyperbole and a Half, by the fantastic Allie Brosh


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Weekend Reading List: Ghibli girls and warrior women



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Weekend Reading List: FemLove and fitting in


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Weekend Reading List: Safe sex and Susan the Gentle


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Weekend Reading List: Neville Longbottom and lots of videos


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