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Weekend Reading List: stormtroopers and space rocks in love



Image by Isa, the panda

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Weekend Reading List: Bikes, biases, and bisexual heroes


  • Guys guys guys I forgot to share this before, but Elly Blue sent me the Kickstarter for Pedal Zombies, her awesome bicycle-themed, feminist science fiction anthology, and it looks great and is so near the deadline and aaaalmost has enough money so go check it out!
  • There’s a long history of racebending Hermione Granger, and Buzzfeed has a lovely piece on why it’s important, and what it meant to a little biracial girl particularly.
  •  Woo this trailer for Goodnight Mommy looks scary/amazing. [AV Club]
  • The Swedish crime thriller My Name is N just came out in North America, and the backlash against the rugged bisexual action hero has already started. The Mary Sue has some interesting thoughts on the dearth of male bisexual characters, and the need for them.
  • So these Tumblr users took a throwaway line in The Goblet of Fire about Slytherin student Warrington potentially becoming the Hogwarts champion in the Triwizard tournament, and spun the most beautiful alternative reality story. I legit teared up.
  •   Hey ever thought that Disney movies would be a lot better if they were a lot queerer? (It’s not just me right?) Well if pairings like Aladdin/Hercules, Jasmin/Ariel, and Sleeping Beauty/Pocahontas sound interesting to you, you’ll want to check out these great gifsets (like the amazingness above). [Dopeybeauty.tumblr.com]
  • And finally, the Mary Sue on the absurdity of gendered children’s merchandise.
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Weekend Reading List: Trans* representation and troubles with tribbles


  • Let’s start things off with a wonderful Medium piece about the history of ambiguously gendered characters in anime and manga, and how the North American versions of these stories are slowly catching up.
  • The Mary Sue interviews Teal Sherer, whose My Gimpy Life webseries was successfully funded and is getting a second season in February. She talks about the upcoming episodes, Hollywood, and being an actress with a disability. You can watch season one here.
  • This piece on Racialicious makes a solid case for an overrepresentation of people of colour in film, that we shouldn’t just be striving for better representation, but should be actively humanizing people of colour by seeing them in a variety of roles, everywhere and all the time.
  • Whether or not you’re generally a fan of the gchat interview, The Hairpin talking to game designer/trans* woman/badass Porpentine is worth the read.
  • Being trans*, genderqueer or an otherwise non-binary person can offer some interesting insights, as this piece, “It is Easier Now That I Look Like a Guy,” about the tech industry, shows. [Geek Feminism]
  • A developer was approached via Facebook by a games reporter, and the conversation very quickly became both harassment and deeply unprofessional. A screenshot of the exchange made the rounds a little while ago, and now Kotaku has interviewed her. She stays anonymous, but does explain the shock you feel when these things happen, and the sense of powerlessness they can leave you with.
  • “So here I was, at the ripe age of twenty-four, actually considering whether the vibrating insides of a tribble would be enough to get me off.” When you try to MacGyver a sex toy from childhood possessions, fun things happen. [The Toast]
  • Lana del Rey’s cover of “Once Upon a Dream” is beautiful, haunting, actually making me excited for the upcoming Maleficent.
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Weekend Reading List: Harassment and Hot Elf Action!


Image from Ginger Haze’s The Broship of the Ring series.

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Weekend Reading List: STEM fields and self-promotion


  • First up is a piece that Becky Chambers wrote over at the Mary Sue about escapism, particularly in the form of video games, as a form of self-care. It’s something that’s very close to my heart, and a terrific read.
  • The Babysitter’s Club was a major part of my childhood (and together with Animorphs and Animal Ark completes the trifecta of kids’ series with a gazillion books that somehow were always present in your school library), and the Frisky has a roundup of the seven most scandalous moments in the series (spoiler: they’re not that scandalous).
  • On the subject of young adult literature, Buzzfeed has a list of great fashions from all your childhood books (if you were a late-nineties bookworm, that is). I still dress like Harriet the Spy, surprising no one.
  • Autostraddle has a great series on queer issues in STEM fields, and this instalment, about neurobiologist Ben Barres and his fight against sexism and heterosexism in academia, is a really great place to start.
  • Also about STEM fields, the New York Times has a really excellent, in depth article about the issues still plaguing women in physics. I cannot recommend it enough.
  • My Father’s Long, Long Legs is a Twine (text-based) game by Michael Lutz. It’s creepy and well-written, and doesn’t take long to play through. I’m a huge fan of the creativity that can stem from such basic game mechanics, and I don’t think it will be long before more Twine games get some mainstream play.
  • A trans* journalist was humiliated at Eurogamer Expo by a presenter hired for the event. Kotaku ran a story about it, but then she got a whole lot more hate. Can we please be better as a community?
  • Here’s a kitten brought back to life by a firefighter. [Most Watched Today]
  • And texts from a cat. [Sad and Useless]
  • How Many Earths? is a really cool interactive site that shows you how many potentially habitable, Earth-like planets there may be, based on the data gathered by the Kepler space telescope. [New Scientist]
  • These are genderbent couples from Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin, and they are glorious. [The Art of Doro]
  • “Confessions of a Snow Queen” is a beautiful piece (prefaced by a powerful poem) about the fetishization of white bodies in queer spaces, and the need to examine the white privilege present in dating. It’s a really thoughtful exploration of racial fetishes, and something everyone should think about. [Queer Libido]
  • And finally, I had a lot of fun at Montreal Comic Con, but I also wrote about the local artists and how they fit in (or don’t) to this huge, increasingly mainstream event. It’s over at Maisonneuve‘s website if that’s the sort of thing you’re interested in.
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