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Weekend Reading List: Bikes, biases, and bisexual heroes


  • Guys guys guys I forgot to share this before, but Elly Blue sent me the Kickstarter for Pedal Zombies, her awesome bicycle-themed, feminist science fiction anthology, and it looks great and is so near the deadline and aaaalmost has enough money so go check it out!
  • There’s a long history of racebending Hermione Granger, and Buzzfeed has a lovely piece on why it’s important, and what it meant to a little biracial girl particularly.
  •  Woo this trailer for Goodnight Mommy looks scary/amazing. [AV Club]
  • The Swedish crime thriller My Name is N just came out in North America, and the backlash against the rugged bisexual action hero has already started. The Mary Sue has some interesting thoughts on the dearth of male bisexual characters, and the need for them.
  • So these Tumblr users took a throwaway line in The Goblet of Fire about Slytherin student Warrington potentially becoming the Hogwarts champion in the Triwizard tournament, and spun the most beautiful alternative reality story. I legit teared up.
  •   Hey ever thought that Disney movies would be a lot better if they were a lot queerer? (It’s not just me right?) Well if pairings like Aladdin/Hercules, Jasmin/Ariel, and Sleeping Beauty/Pocahontas sound interesting to you, you’ll want to check out these great gifsets (like the amazingness above). [Dopeybeauty.tumblr.com]
  • And finally, the Mary Sue on the absurdity of gendered children’s merchandise.
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