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Weekend Reading List: Climate fiction, colours, Carmilla




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Weekend Reading List: horoscopes, heartbreak, and ho-hum heroes


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Animated characters I unapologetically want to go out on dates with

Like you’ve never had a crush on a cartoon.


1. Korra, Legend of Korra

I’m not saying I want to break up Korra and Asami, but I feel in my heart that I also deserve adventures in the Spirit World.

Perks: I would never be mugged (have you seen those guns). I’d get to explore the Spirit World with someone who’s fun, and super enthusiastic. I’d adopt a polar bear dog. I’d get to be friends with Bolin. I bet you anything Bolin gives the best hugs.

Potential obstacles: Dating the avatar is maybe not the most restful thing. Also see above re: Asami.


2. Robin Hood, Robin Hood

I am not the only person who thinks this.

Perks: At the forefront of the class revolution. Enjoys camping. Make your own foxy pun, I’m not going to do everything for you.

Potential obstacles: Seems pretty into hanging with Maid Marian and/or Little John. Being wanted by the law would make going out to dinner a little difficult.


3. San, Princess Mononoke

Ashataki’s great and all, don’t get me wrong, but he’s far too attached to the human world for San. I, on the other hand, am more than willing to abandon humanity for the adoptive child of wolf spirits.

Perks: Would never be clingy. Hangs out with giant, rideable wolves. Environmentalist.

Potential obstacles: Pretty grumpy. Probably wouldn’t jibe with my vegetarian diet.


4. Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler, X-Men Evolution

Most of the teenaged X-Men were pretty crush-worthy, but Kurt is a teleporting cutie pie and I’m putting him on the list. Try to stop me.

Perks: He’s basically the class clown you crushed on in high school, but also a superhero. And he can poof you anywhere.

Potential obstacles: Quite a lot of angst stemming from his appearance and mysterious heritage. Understandable, but might make a relationship difficult.


5. Ms. Frizzle, The Magic School Bus

Everyone’s favourite teacher would probably be just as exciting and inspiring outside the classroom, and I’m totally commandeering the school bus for dates.

Perks: Takes chances, makes mistakes, gets messy.

Potential obstacles: Probably a bit of a workaholic. Doesn’t acknowledge the danger she exposes herself and the children in her care to.


6. Cyborg, Teen Titans

Half man, half machine, all cuddles.

Perks: Would upgrade everything in my home. Would only beat me at video games 80% of the time. Super strong shoulders perfect for sitting on at a concert.

Potential obstacles: He’s got a lot of roommates. A little high strung.


7. Garnet, Steven Universe

Guys. Guys. It’s Garnet. She’s perfect.

Perks: Cool, calm, collected. Confident but kind. Forward-looking but caring. Badass gauntlets.

Potential obstacles: As the physical embodiment of perfect love, she probably doesn’t need me.


8. Jessica Rabbit, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Because damn.

Perks: Damn.

Potential obstacles: Pretty devoted to her husband, tbh. Not bad, but drawn that way.


9. The Baron, The Cat Returns


Perks: Dapper as shit. Mannered, refined, will help you escape the Cat Kingdom.

Potential obstacles: Is a tiny enchanted ceramic cat.


10. Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Moon

Tall Amazon of your dreams who’s endlessly loyal and cooks like a dream? Sign me up.

Perks: All of the above. Values her friendships. Harnesses the powers of lightning.

Potential obstacles: Scarred from past relationships, duty bound to protect the moon princess instead of going skating with you.

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Weekend Reading List: Happy halloween!

wait until dark title

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Weekend Reading List: Gwendoline Christie and geek therapy

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 9.47.12 PM

  • First, let’s get the really good news out of the way: Star Wars Episode VII cast Lupita Nyongo and Gwendoline Christie, and OH MY GOD WHO WILL THEY PLAY WHAT WILL THEY DO THIS IS SO EXCITING. [Entertainment Weekly]
  • The Mary Sue has a great piece on masculinity and video game violence.
  • “The publishing industry looks a lot like these best-selling teenage dystopias: white and full of people destroying each other to survive.” So says author Daniel José Older, who tackles the risks associated with an all-white publishing industry. [Buzzfeed]
  • In a similar vein, novelist N.K. Jemisin was a recent a guest speaker at WisCon and has a transcript of her speech available on her blog. It’s a great piece of writing about the growing presence of people of colour in genre literature, and the setbacks and dangers they can face.
  • Jezebel looks at HBO, its history of being a pioneer, and where the network has gone wrong, particularly with Game of Thrones and its irresponsible use of female bodies for shock value.
  • Anyone who’s watched the Russel T. Davies and Steven Moffat runs of Doctor Who knows that the latter has a much worse track record when it comes to female characters (both in their number and in their prominence). This infographic, via the Daily Dot, shows very clearly exactly how much both show runners cared about having a variety of women, the amount of time those women spent speaking, and whether they talked to other women at all.
  • Acknowledging the difficulty of being a geek in therapy, and having to bring your therapist up to speed on the community’s issues before even starting to discuss them, the people behind Geek Feminism have put together a wiki-full of resources for therapists.
  • Remember that time Hayao Miyazaki created a music video for Chage and Aska? The Mary Sue does.
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Weekend Reading List: Cheeky monkeys and crying for moon rovers


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Weekend Reading List: hashtags and human cloning


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