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Weekend Reading List: Non-bros and bad boyfriends


Top image by Simon Nyhus.

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Weekend Reading List: Summer camp comics and Chicks in Science


  • On her blog, s. e. smith discusses how writing, aghast, about the existence of internet misogyny doesn’t go far enough.
  • Much is written about convention harassment, but we don’t talk nearly enough about the ableism often present at these events. “My cane is not a costume” is a great place to start. [Speculating Canada]
  • A Microsoft employee was caught taking upskirt photos of women around the company’s campus, and has since been charged with voyeurism. [Ars Technica]
  • A guest post over on the Border House explores the toxic environment women have to deal with in EVE Online.
  • Also from the Border House: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and a strange, fantasy-destroying case of slut-shaming that seems like a real missed opportunity for the game.
  • Comic Book Resources tears into the cover of the new Teen Titans #1, teaching us all a lesson in art and anatomy.
  • BOOM! Studios has just recently released the first issue of Lumberjanes! It sounds amazing (Buffy meets Gravity Falls!), is written by Noelle Stevenson (whom I love), and Autostraddle has a great interview with co-creators Grace Ellis and Shannon Watters! There’s also preview art!
  • Some idiot asked about “chicks in science” at a Center for Inquiry panel discussion, and Neil deGrasse Tyson used it as a jumping off point to talk about his experiences with racism, both as a child wanting to grow up to be a scientist, and in the scientific community itself. It is a mic drop if ever I heard one.
  • Genderswapped Disney characters seem to be A Thing nowadays, but these paintings by Sakimichan are really something else. [Moviepilot]
  • Earlier today, the internet blew up with the news that researchers had found a species of insect that had a supposed “female penis.” It pretty quickly became apparent that the female organ—the gynosome—was nothing like a penis (it is, in fact, a bit like the sea horse’s ovipositor, and I am shocked that not everyone knows as much about sea horse reproduction as I do). Anyway, io9’s Annalee Newitz has a great piece about how this sort of sensationalist journalism is not only misleading, it’s bad for science.

Top image: Lumberjanes #1 cover.


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Weekend Reading List: A is for Astronauts, B is for Bow ties

alchemic emprise

Top image: “Alchemic Emprise,” Joshua Mays

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Weekend Reading List: Sylvan elves and sisterly love


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Weekend Reading List: Neville Longbottom and lots of videos


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Weekend Reading List: Subverted damsels and DC stupidity

it implies an actual marriage

  • Legend of Korra season two premieres today! At 7pm! Here is a trailer to get you properly excited.
  • Please for the love of god read Princess Princess, a 44-page webcomic about, well, a princess saving another princess.
  • The Mary Sue has a great review of The Gamers: Hands of Fate, a movie about a collectible card game tournament that is delightful. It’s the third instalment of what is now a trilogy, though the other two films (Dorkness Rising and JourneyQuest) focus on RPGs. I loved it a lot for its geekiness (I may or may not have watched all three in one day) but also because Hands of Fate deals with geek misogyny in a really refreshing way. Watch it here!
  • Assassin’s Creed: Liberation is being revamped for Xbox, Playstation and PC, and will be available next year. Main character Aveline de Grandpré (holy intersections Batman! A woman of colour!) was originally the star of some downloadable content for Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, before becoming the protagonist of Liberation. The problem was that Liberation was only available on the PS Vita, and was barely marketed. So it’s amazing that fans managed to show enough support to compel Ubisoft to rerelease the game on more popular platforms, and with additional content. And here’s an interview with Jill Murray, who worked on both titles, where she talks about scriptwriting for games. [The Mary Sue/The Border House]
  • This week I’ve somehow found my way back to some older articles that are still very relevant, chief among them Polygon’s feature on queer indie games. They go into a lot of detail about everything from the history of queer games to the Twine subculture. It’s really great.
  • Another oldie but goodie is this piece on the history of women warriors. It’s a beautifully written article that challenges the idea that women are always either the victims or the spoils of war. There is also a llama analogy. [A Dribble of Ink]
  • You didn’t think I wouldn’t mention Batwomangate, did you? Of course not. DC has had a bad time of it this past little while. And by “bad” I mean “it doesn’t seem like anyone over there has two braincells to rub together.” First, the writers of Batwoman left the company, citing constant editorial changes and DC’s unwillingness to let Batwoman marry Maggie Sawyer (despite two separate proposals) as the reason for their departure. Publisher Dan DiDio tried to backpedal, but io9 lays out exactly why his excuses are rubbish. Second, the company announced a contest in which one lucky artist will win a job at DC by drawing supervillain Harley Quinn essentially killing herself by sitting naked in a bathtub surrounded by electric appliances (happy National Suicide Prevention Week, by the way). Head over to the Daily Dot for more details. ThinkProgress has a good breakdown of how tone-deaf these decisions make DC look, and Bitch also reminds us about a recent incident at FanExpo, and the sore spot that is DC’s hiring of Orson Scott Card. There’s a reason that Has DC Comics Done Something Stupid Today is a website that exists.
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