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Previously: part one, part two.



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They had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

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We found love in a nerdy place: The best Comic Con missed connections


Conventions are a great place for nerd love to bloom, and it’s a wonderful thing. Shared interests are important! Though some might mock, I find looking at craigslist posts fascinating. How does an aspiring Han Solo find love? Does Princess Mononoke use pick up lines?

When a lonely Ood just wants to share the song of the universe with someone, the internet can be a great tool. So here are some of the funniest or most adorable missed connections, and a few that miss the point:

LT Dangle from SDCC where are you?

You were the perfect LT Jim Dangle from RENO 911! at Comic Con but with big muscles and tan ALL OVER! And super-duper funny! We got pics with you, I think you got them with us too, and we chatted outside the convention center on Thurday, we saw you again on Friday and waved, then bumped into you on Saturday again but not sure you remembered us. I don’t know anything really about you because you refused to get out of character and just kept stretching! Lol! VERY HOT!

Ability to stay in character: Promising. 

eye patch having, camo wearing volunteer at Comic-Con

Our hands briefly grazed in the volunteer line on Friday, you apologized and then told me your soul was pulling to hold my hand. I saw you again Saturday morning but didn’t get a chance to talk to you as our volunteering took us in different directions. I was disappointed I didn’t see you again during the con. If you see this, and remember our hand holding connection, reach out and get in touch.

brb changing my OKCupid profile to read “must have eyepatch”

Nerd HQ party tonight — you’re the photo guy!

Hey adorable photobooth guy. My friends and I came for a quick pic and ended up hovering way too long because 2 out of 4 of us thought you were cute. The other two were really tired, so they probably weren’t seeing straight. Thought we maybe had a moment or two but this is, you know, Comic-con, and I am, you know, a big fucking dork, so I didn’t say much to you. But if there’s any chance you 1) can guess which girl I was at the fan party and 2) live in LA, not San Diego, how about you message me back?

ps. You were wearing a black t-shirt tonight and a watch on your leeeeftttt? wrist? Dark hair, not the hat guy.

p.p.s. My friend bet me a box of donuts that I wouldn’t post this, so I’m looking at this as a win-win. Though I’d gladly give up the donuts for a drink with you. Unless you’re a dick or something, then I’d take the donuts, but you seemed pretty nice. (Call me)

Doughnuts > Dates

Star Wars girl with costume and double bladed lightsaber

I was walking back towards the convention center after dinner with friends, and you commented that you really liked my Star Wars shirt as I was walking by. I thought you were cute, and you were cool with me taking a picture of your costume too. I would love to chat with you more if there’s some way that you happen to see this before Comic Con ends 🙂

Okay hold the phone. Jedi take a vow of celibacy and you know this. This is just insensitive. 

Tattooed girl outside HOB Saturday Night, Comic-Con

To the girl sitting on the curb after Hollywood Babble-On at the House of Blues Saturday night. You had tattoos on your arms. a plaid shirt, and a storm trooper hair clip. I thought I saw you come out of the show alone, and watched you sit on the curb waiting for the shuttle to take a bunch of us back to the convention center. I wish I had the courage to actally say more to you other than the small talk about how long of a day it was. You were beautiful, and I still think of you now back home here in LA. If you do read this, just know that for those 10 minutes, you were the world to me. You were the highlight of a weekend filled with gorgeous women all around the convention center.

Pro tip: When flirting with someone, it’s best not to talk about how “gorgeous women” are “all around” you.

Sexy cosplayer guys!

I was at comic con recently and I was of course checking out cute cosplaying guys. I was wondering if any guys that cosplayed were interested in connecting. 🙂 I cosplayed as a nyphm and I saw a really cute Link and a bunch of sexy guys in costumes I can’t quite place. ahhaa. Soo many sexy wolverines. 🙂 Anywho, if you cosplayed at comic con, hit me up. 🙂

Anyone in costume. Literally anyone. No I’m not picky, why do you ask?

Comic Con: Picardigan seeking Eleventh Doctor

Me: A red Picardigan You: Eleventh Doctor (50th anniversary)I was with my friend (she was dressed as Baymax) in the Sails Pavilion on Friday as the exhibit hall closed.

You complimented my red Picardigan and touched my NerdHQ necklace. I told you I had cosplayed as Eleven the day before. You said you wished you could have seen it. I missed all the signals and watched you walk away. You were cute.

My friends pointed out my error but I never found you again. I would have given you my number on a Neil Gaiman sticker.

I didn’t even take a picture so this is a shot in the dark, but here goes. Geronimo!

I’ll be honest, I did not know what a Picardigan was. Now I must have one. 

Flame Princess

You were dressed as Flame Princess on 7/11 at Comic-Con. I complimented your costume and you said you made it yourself. You asked if I made mine. I couldn’t get you out of my head and thought I’d give this a try. Long shot but if you read this and think you know who I am reply with who I was dressed as in the subject.
Oh. My. Glob.
Best of luck to all the potential lovers!
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I am okay with this.


Top image by Britney Liu (PeachyMints)

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Okay I’m going to complain about Guardians of the Galaxy for a bit.

tumblr_n9tfyh9il41rj86vjo1_r1_1280 Last week I finally caved and shelled out a bunch of money to go see Guardians of the Galaxy in theatres. I’d been meaning to watch it for a while, was super excited to go, bought myself some delicious snacks, and in the end had some pretty major issues with the movie. I should make clear that I actually really, really enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy. I’ve always wanted more of the funny, human moments in my sci-fi and fantasy (it’s the reason serialized stories like Buffy and The Last Airbender appeal to me so much, there’s room for the story to include those little moments), and Guardians is the first Marvel film to deliver that. I left the theatre in a great mood, but it’s because I truly think it was a good movie that I was so disappointed in its failings. I’m not going to waste anyone’s time talking about movies that from the outset are going to be horribly sexist (think The Expendables), but this I will bother with.

1. Passing the Bechdel Test

The Bechdel Test (which a movie can pass if it has two named female characters who talk to each other about something other than a man) may not be the one true measure for whether a film has positive representations of women, but it does help in that it establishes a very easy baseline to meet. Guardians barely manages it. There are only a handful of exchanges between foster sisters Gamora and Nebula, and almost all of them centre on the dealings of their father Thanos and the warlord Ronan. In a movie with an ensemble cast of heroes and multiple villains and supporting characters, this is pretty inexcusable.

Gamora and Nebula were, let’s face it, criminally underused. Here you’ve got two badass assassin sisters with some horrific family issues, and they’re both barely in the film. (Not to mention Zoe Saldana and Karen Gillan are basically geek catnip at this point. Lieutenant Uhura and Amy Pond as sisters? How did they not capitalize on that?) Gamora also fits neatly into another tired trope: Women characters who could easily be replaced with a floor lamp with some useful information written on it. Think back, what does Gamora accomplish in terms of plot? She has information on Ronan and his plans, knows about the orb and where to sell it, reminds Starlord of his mother and literally holds his hand to help him save the world. That’s it. The tree and the raccoon both got more character development than she did.

2. While were at it, give the ladies a sense of humour

What Guardians did that was so novel is that it made this big, world-ending science fiction story funny. That’s why people loved it! Starlord and his 80s jams! Groot and Rocket! Even the metaphor-challenged rock dude gets in a few good one-liners. Gamora? Nothing. Not one funny thing. WHY ARE THE WOMEN BORING. I want funny women, damn it, this should not be hard to accomplish.

3. The everyman human being doesn’t have to be a straight white dude. 

Stories will often give the audience a character through which they see a new world. A fellow outsider who will have the same reactions to the novelty they’re encountering. It’s a common storytelling device, as anyone who’s read “child tumbles through mirror/wardrobe/hole in the ground/other magic portal” fantasy stories will know. If the protagonist is learning about the world along with the audience, it makes introducing the world, its inhabitants, and its rules easier. But, and this is a huge sticking point for me, the stand-in for the audience does not need to be a man. Or white. Or straight. I can’t stress this enough. You don’t lose the connection to your audience if your protagonist is a minority (and hey, women aren’t a minority, or even a minority of people who spend money on movies and merchandise).

4. It is 2014 and you need more than a token girl in your group of heroes. 

Sorry, but you do. There are no excuses at this point. Maybe it’s because I’m pretty heavily into RPGs right now, but I think a lot about character creation. And though I know that Guardians was working off an established comic series, I’m assuming that quite a lot of the story was changed to better fit its new medium. So why, aside from obvious, sexist reasons, couldn’t some of the characters be genderbent? Big grumpy rock dude could have been big grumpy rock lady. Does Groot even have a gender? Thanos, Starlord, Rocket, Starlord’s mercenary family, that weird collector dude to whom they tried to sell the orb? What makes them all have to be male? The plot and dialogue could have remained completely unchanged, and there would have been a greater number of women in the cast from one moment to the next.

5. Gamora didn’t need to be a love interest.

I get it, you wanted a bit of romance to spice up your space epic. I’m even on board with the idea, flirtations and kisses make things fun. But, since you decided to only have one woman (see #4) and you couldn’t possibly have queer romance, that one woman automatically becomes the love interest. And I’m so over that. I’m bored that so many characters I’d like to identify with never get to be more than that chick the main character wants to bang. There are obviously worse examples than Gamora, but given her lack of proper characterization and importance to the plot (#1), the fact that she doesn’t contribute to the humour of the film (#2), and the audience isn’t seeing the story unfold through her eyes (#3), relegating her to a love interest is a pretty bitter disappointment.

6. If you’re going to give the audience gratuitous butt shots, you better be doing it to everyone. 

We get it, Zoe Saldana has a beautiful ass. I can assure you that Star Trek really hit us over the head with that one. There was no need to film her going up stairs from below, over and over again. Have we really not progressed since Barbarella?

7. “Whore” is not a catchall insult for women.

First off, no one should be calling anyone a whore. Sympathetic characters especially should not be calling anyone a whore. And even if this was somehow a legitimate thing to include in the film, at no point during the movie are we shown Gamora being, or alluding to being, promiscuous. Not only is grumpy rock dude’s insult super inappropriate, it’s not even based in anything he could consider fact. I can’t speak to the comics, but from the movie audience’s point of view, being a woman and unliked is apparently enough to qualify you as a whore. You want to call someone a whore, grumpy rock dude? The only candidate, based on movie behaviour, would be Starlord. What’s that? You have other, more relevant insults for him? Maybe look into that double standard a little.

8. This universe is actually pretty woman-free

So we’ve got Gamora, Nebula, and Irani Rael (played by the always welcome Glen Close). That’s a great start, but where are the other women? There are only a few female prisoners in the Kyln, and no Nova pilots at all. Apart from that, you have Starlord’s hookup that he forgets about, a slave, some waitresses, and a mother and child running for their lives. Forgive me if I want my fantasy worlds to be teaming with cool, diverse women (or female aliens). I have higher standards.

9. Pink is not an unmanly colour.

I counted all the people we saw from the pink-skinned race that cropped up during the movie, and they were all women or little girls, and usually in some sort of submissive position. What does this say about the people making this movie that such a heavily gendered colour is reserved for one type of character? Men can rock the pink skin too.


I don’t pick media apart out of malice. I genuinely want movies and books and all the other stories we consume to do better. I want the awesome people in my life to be reflected in the fairies, and space bandits, and demons, and cyborgs that I love to watch and read about. I want to hold these stories to a higher standard, and I think Guardians could, and should, have done better.

Top image by Maddie Chaffer.

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Let’s rehabilitate Barbarella


In 2005, Jane Fonda was featured in an episode of Inside the Actor’s Studio and, while talking about Barbarella, her 1968 campy, sexy science fiction film, mentioned something that I haven’t been able to forget. “If I could do it over,” she said, “I could rewrite it, and it’d be a powerful feminist story, but it would be just as sexy and as funny.”

Later on, in 2011, she told the LA Times that she’d love to do a sequel, so revisiting Barbarella is clearly of some interest to her. A sequel, however, isn’t going to fix the original film. Based on Jean-Claude Forest’s French comics of the same name, the movie tells the story of space explorer Barbarella, who, while traveling in her ship, receives an urgent message from the President of the Republic of Earth. A scientist, Durand Durand, has escaped, and is thought to be building a weapon for intergalactic war near Tau Ceti. Barbarella is tasked with finding him and thwarting his plans.

After crash landing on the planet, Barbarella is taken captive, only to be rescued by the Catchman. From him, she learns the wonders of sex (for centuries people on Earth have been reproducing telepathically when their psychocardiograms are in sync). She gets back in her spaceship only to crash again, this time in the Labyrinth of exiles. There she meets the winged Pygar, the last of the ornithanthropes, and together they travel to Sogo, a city built on top of the Mathmos, a lake of liquid energy that feeds on evil psychic energy (it’s a weird movie).

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 8.27.33 PM

In Sogo she gets captured a few more times while stumbling around a city that is part BDSM fever dream, part Roman bacchanalia, part Jetsons swingers party, eventually ending up in Durand Durand’s Excessive Machine, which basically pleasures you to death. After breaking the machine with the power of her own sexual pleasure (yes, multiple orgasms do save lives), Barbarella is slated to be devoured by the Mathmos. Fortunately, she is too innocent for its evil appetite, and gets spit back out to fly off into the sunset with Pygar.

The film is a silly 1960s free love space romp that barely deserves to be taken seriously. Nevertheless, it’s not exactly going to be winning any awards for its respectful representation of women. Still, there’s potential, so let’s see what Barbarella would be like, if it were feminist:

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 10.42.16 PM

1. Have someone other than a predator explain human reproduction to Barbarella 

I’m totally on board with a tale of sexual awakening, but having a lecherous hump explain sex to our protagonist while practically salivating is maybe not the most empowering way to do it. (Seriously, Barbarella thanks him for saving her, and asks what she can do for him, and he doesn’t miss a beat.) Instead, let’s have Barbarella learn about it on her own. Maybe she catches a glimpse of a couple going at it in a space garden? That seems appropriately sexually liberated for the time period.

In the movie, once sex has been explained to her, she is disgusted and wary. It’s only after the act that she realizes how much fun she had. Having her show real enthusiasm and excitement right off the bat would go a long way in making Barbarella someone with agency, rather than a sexy doll passed from rescuer to rescuer. Let’s aim for a bit more enthusiastic consent than “well if you simply must insist, I guess so.”

2. Give the lady some flaws

Let’s recap what we know about Barbarella. She’s a “five-star, double-rated, astronavigatrix,” is beautiful, kind, and without malice. She is important enough to receive direct calls from the President, but is also endlessly sexually available to men. She’s a pacifist who hates weaponry, but is a crack shot and takes down foes with ease. She’s sexy. She triumphs. She’s also totally flat. She’s a blank slate onto which is projected a rudimentary Space Babe fantasy. Star Trek‘s Orion slave girl has more personality. What if Barbarella had such an aversion to violence that she refused to use it even when it could save innocents? That would fit with her extreme pacifism. She could have a crisis of faith, wondering if she should abandon her principles. Or, since we’re trying to keep the sexiness, she could enjoy her newfound pastime so much that she gets distracted from her mission. Honestly, having any sort of character development would be a step up.

3. Barbarella is a woman, not a “good girl”

This is another instance of the movie betraying its age. The President contacts Barbarella directly, praising her and telling her that she’s the only one who can prevent intergalactic war, but constantly refers to her as a girl. She’s an adult, she can be innocent and good without being infantilized.


4. Barbarella can, and should, have sex for herself

This movie is supposed to be about Barbarella and her sexuality, but every sexual encounter—either physical or telepathic—is for someone else’s benefit. The Catchman? To pay him back for saving her. Pygar? To help him “regain the will to fly” (and also to thank him for saving her). Dildano the revolutionary? Again, as payment for rescue. The sex, even when Barbarella is clearly into it, is never about her. Even when she destroys Durand Durand’s Evil Machine of Sex, it’s because she was able to endure the extreme pleasure it was doling out. What if, instead, Barbarella finds out that she gains power from her sexuality? She could still be the wide-eyed naif of the original, but sex would make her stronger. Instead of showing her exhausted and weak after her tangle with the machine, why not have her glowing, laughing at the puny man who thought to vanquish her?

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 8.40.16 PM

5. Queer it up a little

The way the Great Tyrant of Sogo looks at Barbarella and calls her “pretty-pretty,” it was a huge missed opportunity for the original film not to pair the two together. Seriously, you’re telling me that someone who until very recently didn’t know anything about sex would limit herself to three dudes after finding out how fun it is? That she’d stick to such a narrow, male-initiated, heteronormative type of sexuality? I don’t think so, and from the looks of it, the Great Tyrant agrees. Let’s have the epic showdown happen between these two powerhouses, both of whom gain energy from their sexualities, but one is good while the other is evil (due to the corruption of the Mathmos). See? You’d totally watch that. Also let’s make Pygar bisexual, just for the hell of it. Queer angels!

6. Not so much with the male gaze, okay?

And lastly, the four minute zero-G striptease is probably not such a good idea if you’re trying not to objectify your protagonist. Just saying. Ditto with the long panning shots of her naked, or near-naked, body. Or having the blind angel figure out what she is by groping her. Or having the wise elder ask “you are the female of the species, yes?” while nose-deep in her cleavage.

Despite its many flaws, I truly do enjoy Barbarella. The film is visually beautiful, and the idea that a heroine can have healthy libido and sexual agency and still be considered pure is an intriguing one. In fact, it’s perhaps why the movie has had such an enduring cult following. The potential is there, and with only a few minor tweaks, Barbarella could be a great film, leaving us free to enjoy the lava lamp and shag carpet goodness without worrying about its more problematic aspects. Jane Fonda, make it happen!

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Unfridged Hiatus!


You… you’re leaving me??

Hello dear readers!

I have been extremely busy lately and will likely continue to be for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, that means that I will be taking a little time off from this blog.

But don’t fret! Unfridged will be back in August, refreshed and ready to tackle everything new in the world of feminist science fiction and fantasy!

In the meantime, have some dancing gifs, tokens of my undying affection:










What Would Dark Willow Do, Part 2


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A song of ice and feminism: Part 2


Morgan Inslee

Welcome to part two of my rapturous love letter to the women of A Song of Ice and Fire. In part one I dealt primarily with the Starks and women who occupy more traditionally female spaces, but this time, it’s all about the warriors. So unsheathe your sword, draw your bowstring taught, and let’s get right to it. (As usual, spoiler warnings for all the books.)


Pau Norontaus

Brienne of Tarth

“Ser Colen,” Catelyn said to her escort, “who is this man, and why do they mislike him so?” “Because he is no man, my lady. That’s Brienne of Tarth, daughter to Lord Selwyn the Evenstar.”

“A daughter.” Brienne’s eyes filled with tears. “He deserves that. A daughter who could sing to him and grace his hall and bear him grandsons. He deserves a son, too, a strong and gallant son to bring honour to his name… I am the only child the gods let him keep. The freakish one, not fit to be a son or daughter.”

Brienne is the personification of the old adage that women must work twice as hard to be taken half so seriously. A knight and a fighter, she is perhaps the clearest example of a woman occupying a man’s space, and no other character will ever let her forget it. We are first introduced to Brienne mid combat. Though skilled, against the backdrop of a king’s tournament she is hopelessly out of place, and the scorn of the crowd is obvious. Despite the jeering, the taunting, and the bet to take her virginity, Brienne still desperately wants to be a part of the knight’s mythology. She wants that chivalry, that honour, for herself, and becomes first a member of Renly Baratheon’s kingsguard, and shortly after the sworn vassal of Catelyn Stark.

Brienne struggles so hard against the expectations placed on her. She’s at once too much of a woman, and not enough. Too much of a man, and not enough. There is no place where she feels completely herself, this is not a world that will make room for her. She’ll have to push and fight and never stop trying, and she’s fiercely committed to doing just that.

It’s actually fairly difficult for me to write about Brienne, because she is my favourite, and I’m so, so afraid for her. She’s honest, courageous, and without guile, and that’s a dangerous combination to have if your end goal is to survive in Westeros. She’s also one of the characters who best shows the permanent danger of rape. She sleeps lightly, and makes sure there are locked doors before she goes to bed at all. She is keenly aware that, as a woman traveling the world without a retinue of loyal men, she is—despite her height, strength, and skill—a target.

There is a nobility to Brienne, an idealism that persists even in the face of extreme hardship, and it makes her one of the most amazing characters in the series.


Cody Vrosh

Asha Greyjoy

“Cunt again? It was odd how men like Suggs used that word to demean women when it was the only part of a woman they valued.” 

“Got to touch one… or two, or ten. I have touched more men than I can count. Some with my lips, more with my axe.”

Proof positive that ASOIAF has a little something for everyone, Asha Greyjoy swashbuckled her way into everybody’s hearts in A Clash of Kings. The last remaining child of Balon Greyjoy (her brother Theon having been sent to Winterfell as ward), Asha has never been limited by her father. Balon sees her as his heir and, what’s more, an heir worthy of the Iron Islands. Let’s take a moment to remember how we’re introduced to Asha. Theon returns to the Iron Islands, pompous and absurd, and Asha passes herself of as a shipwright’s wife so she can get a better sense of who this brother of hers, a brother she hasn’t seen since childhood, has turned out to be. When Theon confronts her, she calmly replies that she wasn’t lying, she does have a husband—her axe—and a suckling babe. And then she takes out a dagger from between her breasts. You guys, I’m dying.

Asha just doesn’t give a fuck about you or your weird, archaic gender roles. She’s going to fight. She’s going to captain her own fleet. She’s going to inherit her father’s title, insisting on calling the entire ceremony “her” queensmoot. She’s quick, deadly, and a natural leader, and she’s so, so very fun.



The Sand Snakes

“Some men think because they are afraid to do.” —Tyene Sand

“Give me back my spear, Uncle. Cersei sent us a head. We should send her back a bag of them.” —Obara Sand

Every once in a while, the books give glimpses of pockets of female spaces that act as havens, powerful sources of support for those perpetually disenfranchised. We see it briefly in the Tyrell gardens, and again among the Mormont women. But nowhere is it as clear as with the Sand Snakes, the illegitimate daughters of Oberyn Martell, Prince of Dorne.

Every one of them is cooler than the last. You’ve got warrior Obara, strong and deadly with a spear. “Sweet” and “pious” Tyene who has a terrifyingly in depth knowledge of poisons. Beautiful Nymeria who’s rarely without at least a dozen daggers scattered around her person. Sarella who’s mother was a ship captain from the Summer Isles, and who may or may not be off studying to become a Maester, disguised as a man. And let’s not forget the young ones, including little “Lady Lance” Elia, who always smells like horses.

After the death of their father, the Sand Snakes each speak to their uncle, Doran Martell, urging him to declare vengeance on the Lannisters and King’s Landing. In response, he has them all imprisoned so that they can’t, you know, start a war. That’s just how dangerous they are, how willing they are to go ahead and start a bloodbath.

I can’t properly express how much I love Dorne and its inhabitants. Oberyn in bisexual and intensely proud of his army of daughters. Nymeria was in bed with twins Jeyne and Jenelyn Fowler when she was told of her father’s death. There are just so many wonderful moments, and even the Sand Snakes’ cousin, Arianne Martell (whom I will get to eventually) is great. Dorne seems like the greatest, most progressive part of Westeros, and it also bears mentioning that the Martells and their ilk are the only characters of colour that become truly central to the plot.


Marie Thorhauge

Ygritte the Wildling

“‘I know one thing. I know that you are wildling to the bone.’ It was easy to forget that sometimes, when they were laughing together, or kissing. But then one of them would say something, or do something, and he would suddenly be reminded of the wall between their worlds.”

Heading in the opposite direction of Dorne, we (finally) come to Ygritte, the fire-kissed Wildling from Beyond the Wall. Ygritte, aside from being a badass, knows what she wants, and what she wants is Jon Snow. Jon, a member of the Night’s Watch who has recently joined the Wildlings in an attempt at espionage, cares for her, but is at first unwilling to break his vow of celibacy. Once he gets over that, however, they begin a relationship that is one of the most equitable and caring of the series, though Jon at least knows it won’t last.

When the fallout eventually occurs, Ygritte deals with being dumped in what is perhaps the greatest way possible: She shoots him in the leg and storms his castle. It might have cost her her life, but boy did she not take rejection lying down. All joking aside, Ygritte stands out as more than Jon Snow’s lover. As a woman who has never been exposed to the courtly etiquette south of the wall, she has no attachment to the more traditional femininity espoused there. A spearwife of the North, she fends for herself and has no hangups about her own sexuality. It’s a refreshing change from all the intrigue and subterfuge on King’s Landing, and puts her in sharp (and favourable) contrast to the secret-keeping Jon.

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