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Weekend Reading List: Star Trek, superheroes and supercuts

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Weekend Reading List: Panels, pirates, prisons


Top image: Mary Read and Anne Bonny, from Captain Charles Johnson’s A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pyrates. 


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Weekend Reading List: Harassment and Hot Elf Action!


Image from Ginger Haze’s The Broship of the Ring series.

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Weekend Reading List: Final Girls and Wonder Women


  • Vulture talks to Gina Torres about her work, being the tallest person in the room, and the campaign to have her play Wonder Woman (which I am totally on board with, because Gina Torres is already the Wonder Woman of my heart).
  • Discover reports that men who present themselves as less stereotypically masculine have lower rates of heart disease. It’s not a perfect article, but it’s always great to have more reasons to talk about how rigidly we still define gender and how much value we still attribute to hypermasculinity.
  • This really wonderful discussion on queerness in the Black community and the stigma of loving trans* women features Orange is the New Black‘s Laverne Cox as an added bonus. [Colorlines]
  • US servicewomen were asked what they thought about their portrayal in video games, and their answers are fantastic. They pull no punches and draw some interesting parallels between women fighting misogyny in the military, and women fighting misogyny in gaming. [The Jace Hall Show]
  • We may get a horror drama in which Jamie Lee Curtis recruits a bunch of “final girls” from horror movies, bringing them together to “channel the stress and scars of their experience for some greater good.” Just let that bit of awesome sink in for a moment. [Deadline]
  • The 6th World is a short film that follows Tazbah Redhouse, a Navajo astronaut on her way to colonize Mars. The short, by director Nanobah Becker, is a really cool blending of science fiction and Navajo origin stories, with some environmental overtones thrown in. You can watch it here.
  • According to Native Appropriations, the Canadian iTunes app store has begun censoring a racial slur—even though it’s the name of a certain American football team—setting a pretty great precedent.
  • And à propos of absolutely nothing, someone used pictures of James Franco as covers for classic books, and I love it. [BookRiot]

Top image by drawing-bored.tumblr.com/

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Weekend Reading List: Convention policies and slash pairings

I ship them so hard

  • Have you ever wondered what would happen if Disney villains were on Grindr? Well here’s your answer. (It’s not particularly NSFW unless someone’s reading over your shoulder.) [Everything Gay]
  • Writing with Michelle raises some excellent points on the lack of lesbian characters in television, and the need to continue pushing for more representation. I really enjoyed her call for more inclusion, and not just because she name drops Warehouse 13‘s Myka and Helena (who should totes be together4ever), Who‘s Vastra and Jenny, and of course Willow and Tara and Xena and Gabrielle. (I’m purposefully leaving out that last comma because how great would that fanfic be?)
  • Feminist skeptic website Skepchick were told to pack up their booth at Dragon*Con, in what appear to be very shady circumstances.
  • Talking about conventions more broadly, the Ada Initiative has an excellent and thorough timeline of con harassment in the SF/F, scepticism/atheism, and free and open source software communities. The information is incredibly well presented, and it manages to be chilling and comforting all at the same time.
  • And while we’re on the subject (I’ve got cons on the brain, #mtlcomiccon next week!), this wonderful (if older) article outlines exactly why “just hit your harasser” is not a valid response. [Geek Feminism]
  • To leave off on a more lighthearted note, the Hairpin predicts the survival rates of Orange is the New Black characters, should they be suddenly transported to Westeros.
  • Adam Ellis makes tiny paper crafted hats for cats. Because The Internet.
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