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Weekend Reading List: Heartbreak, hexes, hiphop


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Weekend Reading List: Werewolf heroes, Wakandan heroes

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Weekend Reading List: Cartooning advice, Cho Chang, and The Craft


  • Looks like more Twin Peaks episodes are definitely in the cards! I’m very excited, Diane! [Deadline]
  • Vulture has some extra speculation about the setting, returning characters, and what new additions there might be to the show.
  • The Mary Sue takes a look at Buffy’s relationship with Riley (God I hate Riley) and the emotional abuse he put her through in the wake of the big conversation we’ve been having about domestic abuse and #whyIstayed.
  • Another Femslash Friday! This time it’s The Craft. Wait, you haven’t seen The Craft? Go see The Craft immediately. [The Toast]
  • Okay so in addition to being part of a weekly horror movie screening club, I’ve recently started reading a book called House of Psychotic Women (it’s excellent by the way, and worth checking out). On the one hand, it may explain my recent insomnia, but on the other, I’m now super obsessed with how women are portrayed in horror cinema. And since Autostraddle always seems to know exactly what I want to read, they’ve got a list of (mostly queer) lady monsters in film.
  • The always great MariNaomi wanted to come up with tips on writing people of colour (when you are a person of another colour), and asked a bunch of cartoonists (including Elisha Lim!) for their help. [Midnight Breakfast]
  • #Gamergate continues to rage on, and I continue to lose what little hope I have for us as a species. Game developer Brianna Wu had the temerity to poke fun at the toxic wastes of space known collectively as Gamergaters, and was summarily doxxed, threatened with rape and murder, and driven out of her home. There is no excuse. [We Hunted the Mammoth]
  • While on the topic, Anita Sarkeesian spoke at XOXO Festival in detail about the campaign of harassment against her. You should definitely watch the whole thing, but the main takeaway? “One of the most radical things you can do is to actually believe women when they tell you about their experiences.”
  • Slam poem of the week: “To JK Rowling, From Cho Chang.” Do it, click it, learn it.

Top image (my new favourite thing of all time) by Abraham Perez

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