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Weekend Reading List: Jubilee and literacy


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Weekend Reading List: Movies, Mockingjays, and Metroid


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Weekend Reading List: Witches and women in tech


  • Happy belated Ada Lovelace Day! Over at Maisonneuve, my friend Shannon Palus reflects on the first programmer in her life, her mother.
  • Women in Tech has been a bit of a hot button issue these past few weeks (and, well, months really) and an aspect of the debate that I find completely fascinating is how women already working in tech, particularly powerfully-placed women, respond to criticisms of their industry. “‘Fuck You, I Got Mine’: Women in Tech for the Patriarchy” is a really good, almost manifesto-like starting off point to understanding how women apologists are complicit in the rampant discrimination of the tech industry. [Medium]
  • Along the same lines, Amanda Marcotte creates a template for every woman-penned defence of misogyny ever written, based on that terrible, terrible Sarah Lacy article, and it is flawless. [Slate]
  • Medium also has a list of things to say to people who really liked that terrible, terrible Sarah Lacy article.
  • I’m pretty much guaranteed to love anything Becky Chambers writes, and her piece on Tor, about astronauts and science/science fiction symbiosis, is no exception.
  • Scientific American blogger Dr. Danielle Lee was treated in an incredibly unprofessional way, blogged about it, then had her response taken down without warning and without a clear reason. Here’s a breakdown of the whole situation. #standingwithdnlee [Jezebel]
  • Around this time last year, I wrote an article about creepshots and screen caps and their role in internet misogyny (it’s unfortunately not online, but you can read an excerpt if you’re interested). After weeks of research, I thought I’d seen the worst of it, but Jezebel’s outline of the Chan girl phenomenon, and its long-lasting effects on one girl who participated, has rekindled all the sadness that I remember feeling.
  • io9 explores the worst mystical pregnancies in science fiction and fantasy, and once you see all these examples listed one after another, you start realizing how pervasive and ridiculous the trope is. Don’t know what the mystical pregnancy is? No worries, there’s a Feminist Frequency video at the end that explains it all.
  • New York Comic Con had a Women of Marvel panel, and it sounds like the Q&A was pretty great. [Bleeding Cool]
  • Star Trek might be coming back to television! MAKE IT SO! And the BBC is making a miniseries based on Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell! All the exciting TV news! [The Mary Sue]
  • Would you like a totally queer, incredibly in-depth love horoscope? Of course you would. [Autostraddle]
  • Halloween is just around the bend, and what better way to get excited than by reading all about historical women who were accused of being witches (or did similarly badass things)? History Witch is on it.
  • Oh, and if you want more Bee and PuppyCat episodes, there’s a Kickstarter for that.
  • What if there’s a good reason those horrible Wartune ads say “male gamers only”? [The Toast]

Top image from Kate Beaton’s amazing Hark! A Vagrant.

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Weekend Reading List: Russian rebels and pretty floral bonnets


  • Years ago I went sailing in British Columbia’s Desolation Sound, and for a whole day the water was totally choked with little white jellyfish. They were so thick that it seemed like there were more jellyfish than actual ocean. By evening they were gone though, so I figured we’d passed them by and I could go for a pre-dinner snorkel. I jump in, stick my face in the water, and what do I see? Not even six feet from the surface, WALL OF JELLYFISH. Cue hysterical underwater panic attack. All of this to say that I might not be totally unbiased when it comes to jellyfish, BUT, you guys, ZOMBIE JELLYFISH EXIST, and also there are lots of different kinds that can kill you in minutes and they’re TAKING OVER THE WORLD. [Grist/The New York Review of Books]
  • I’ve started playing Winterstrike, a text adventure written by Yoon Ha Lee over at Storynexus, and I can’t recommend it enough. In the game, you explore the ice-locked city of Iria, trying to figure out what happened during the cataclysmic winterstrike, and a highlight for me is definitely that many of the characters you encounter—merchants, duelists, and militia members—are women. You can also choose to be ambiguously gendered, which doesn’t happen often in games. It’s details like that that are really meaningful and make the world richer.
  • Racialicious asks if, in all the hullaballoo about the new Miss America, we’re forgetting that she’s super geeky.
  • Would you like a $100 3D printer? Kickstarter’s got you covered.
  • How does a 15 year-old shoot her way out of a Nazi interrogation room? Find out more about Zinaida Portnova at the Toast.

Top image by Jake Lawrence of Timecowboy!

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