The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Webcomics: Adults Only


Now that we’ve covered the comics that introduced me to the medium, let’s move on to something a bit racier. Below are some suggestions that range in topic and tone, but are all, unquestionably, NSFW. Seriously, you have been warned.


Oh Joy Sex Toy, Erika Moen

I first ran into this comic over at Bitch Magazine, but Oh Joy Sex Toy—a weekly review of toys, accessories, porn, and more—also has its own dedicated site. The reviews are funny, knowledgeable, and feature a wide array of characters to help demonstrate the products. It’s a great resource, and fun to read!

Status: Ongoing, updates Tuesdays on both sites.

Read if you like: Sex ed, toys, and more toys!


Chester 5000 XYV, Jess Fink

Priscilla feels neglected and lonely until her husband builds Chester 5000 XYV. He probably didn’t intend on the robot becoming his wife’s paramour, but sometimes these things happen. Completely free of dialogue, the comic is steampunk-beautiful, funny, and very, very sexy. We could all use some more robot love in our lives.

Status: Ongoing, updates sporadically, about once a week.

Read if you like: Victorian England, robots, dashing moustaches (on robots).


Curvy, Sylvan Migdal

Ever imagine that you’re walking down the street, minding your own business, and suddenly a sexy stranger from another world kidnaps you and takes you on adventures? No? Just me? Either way, Curvy is fun, silly, and has everything from candy kings to pirates to dysfunctional superhero squads. What more could you possibly want?

Status: Ongoing, updates Saturdays.

Read if you like: Plots that make very little sense, sexyfuntimes that make you not care about the plot, liquorice.


Ménage à 3, Gisèle Lagacé and David Lumsdon

Having roommates can be tough, but add a healthy dose of sexual tension and all sorts of shenanigans, and you get Ménage à 3, a comic that follows the romantic exploits and disasters of virgin Gary, punk Zii, and buxom Didi. The comic is unfortunately not science fiction or fantasy, but umbrella brand Pixie Trix Comix has a whole bunch more that are.

Status: Ongoing, updates Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

Read if you like: Montreal, sitcoms, Archie comics.

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