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Weekend Reading List: Astronaut Barbie and Animal Hybrids


  • Thinkprogress has an excellent and thorough take down of a press conference with comics giants Todd McFarlane, Len Wein, and Gerry Conway that devolved into what was essentially a round of sexism bingo. All the old excuses are there: “Men are as objectified as women,” “comics don’t actually matter from a social justice point of view, so we shouldn’t be held accountable,” “we want superheroes to tell a universal (read: white and male) story,” “superheroes aren’t for girls anyway,” “if people want diversity they should make comics themselves,” and many more.
  • This one isn’t new, but in light of Doctor Who‘s disappointingly conservative casting decision, Of Dice and Pen’s article on Steven Moffat’s historically terrible treatment of Who women is definitely worth revisiting.
  • New Cartoon Hangover webseries Bee and Puppycat is so charming I can barely contain myself. Here are the first two episodes, conveniently combined for you as part of YouTube’s Geek Week.
  • Barbie is going to Mars. NASA and Mattell combined forces to create “Mars Explorer Barbie,” and the doll launched this week, accompanied by a paper cutout of the Mars Science Laboratory. I can’t say I’m totally on board with this (on the one hand, it’s great that Barbie has evolved past the “math is hard” stage, but on the other, it’s Barbie, and a doll that so ardently conforms to unrealistic expectations of beauty will never be my favourite) but I truly hope her next stop will be this new pink planet. [Huffington Post/io9]
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