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Weekend Reading List: Ghosts, ghouls, and gamergaters


And I really wish I didn’t have to, but here’s this week’s #gamergate update:

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BAMFiles: Emily the Corpse Bride


Welcome to a very special Hallowe’en edition of the BAMFiles! And who better to represent both the strength of a true BAMF and the necessary holiday-levels of spookiness than Emily, Tim Burton’s titular Corpse Bride.

Emily’s story begins in a very conventional way: She falls in love with someone whom her parents don’t approve of, plans to elope with him, and, cruelly, ends up murdered and robbed by her fiancé. Pretty standard murder victim stuff but, in a wonderful subversion of the trope, Emily’s story doesn’t end with her death.

At first, Emily sees a wedding as her salvation. Jilted in the worst way, she wants her (albeit accidental) marriage to Victor to make up for her lost happiness. In an effort to safeguard that future, she even contemplates killing Victor so that they can be together forever. She ultimately reconsiders when she realizes how selfish it would be to rob him of his chance for life and love. In the end, it’s confronting her murderer that liberates Emily. Rescuing Victor, she faces the man who took her life and shows him that he no longer has any power over her.


You do not mess with Emily.

She’s stronger than she was in life and, by taking her story into her own hands, she’s able to make sure justice is served, and find peace. In the face of pain and betrayal, she stays kind and joyful, and definitely deserves her place in this list.

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Weekend Reading List: Filmography and Faerie Queen Costumes


Top image: “Queen Mab and the Ruins,” James C. Christensen.

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Weekend Reading List: Last airbenders and lost faith in humanity


Top image: The Four Seasons by swade-art.tumblr.com

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