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Weekend Reading List: Spiderman, Star Wars, and Simone de Beauvoir


  • Ever wondered about the science behind Animorphs? The Toast has got you covered.
  • In fact there’s a lot of good stuff from the Toast, including an investigation into the moral alignment of Jeeves and Wooster characters (obviously Jeeves is lawful good), and a piece that outlines exactly how Belle, with a little more strategy and fewer morals, could have made the ending of Beauty and the Beast much more profitable for herself.
  • We’ve been getting a lot of casting information about the new Disney Star Wars movie, and so far it looks like only one of the lead actors (aside from Carrie Fisher) will be a woman. io9 is, quite rightly, asking where all the women be at?
  • Seriously, though, there could be so many amazing lady Jedis and Siths, just look at all these suggestions. [Pajiba]
  • Since this is clearly a problem affecting more than just the Star Wars movie, SharcTank lists the five dumbest arguments against gender diversity.
  • As a palate cleanser, here are Disney character-inspired cocktails. [Cocktails by Cody]
  • When misandry lurks in the shadows, only one man can protect us: the defender of the defended, the voice of the voiceful, Not-All-Man! [Medium]
  • From May 1-3, people have been using #WeNeedDiverseBook in order to promote a greater diversity in children’s and YA literature. The Facebook page has additional information, and the Tumblr and Twitter feed are worth checking out too.
  • Vulture has a great interview with Brian Michael Bendis (who has spent the last decade and a half writing the Ultimate Spider-Man comics). He discusses Miles Morales, the ability for Spider-Man to represent a wide variety of people, and the lack of representation most comics fans have to deal with: “Sure, there are people who look like Captain America who read comics, but there are very few people in the world who look like Captain America.” True words. 
  • What happens when famous philosophers try to play Dungeons & Dragons? Spoiler: Immanuel Kant ends up really, really frustrated. [Existential Comics]

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