Weekend Reading List: Mini Superheroes and Alaskan Mythology

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 10.39.34 AM

  • Want some racebent Disney princesses? Well here you go. [Let There Be Doodles]
  • I’m clearly not done talking about the Star Wars expanded universe (RIP), and io9 rounds up the ten best and twelve worst stories from the sprawling world.
  • io9 also spells out, in no uncertain terms, why we care so much about what women superheroes are wearing.
  • Speaking of women superheroes, the BetterSupes Tumblr illustrates little girls’ superhero costumes, and the results are infinitely more creative than what big cartoon/comic book creators come up with.
  • Becky Chambers combines a game review (Child of Light, specifically) with a letter to her younger self, and the result is truly touching. [The Mary Sue]
  • Over at Quirk Books I wrote about science fiction poetry. Because that is just how I roll.
  • The Mary Sue has a two part piece on the queer history of comics, and it’s worth a look.
  • Hey remember Equinox, the first Cree DC Comics superhero? Here’s an interview with creator Jeff Lemire. [Maisonneuve]
  • I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a huge sucker for trailers. I’m embarrassingly easy to manipulate when it comes to these bite-sized sneak peeks, but even so, Kisima Inñitchuña (Never Alone) stands apart. The beautifully-illustrated puzzle adventure game shares Iñupiat stories and, no joke, I started tearing up. I’m that excited to play this folklore-inspired game. (Especially since you get an arctic fox as a sidekick. I love sidekicks.)
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