BAMFiles: Claudia Donovan

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Warehouse 13, everyone’s favourite silly and lighthearted fantasy show (or just mine? I don’t know!), is back this week, and what better way to celebrate than by recognizing the awesomeness that is Claudia Donovan.

Introduced in season one as the villain, Claudia quickly stole the show as an unabashed badass who was always quick with a quip. Avoid the next few sentences if you want to remain spoiler-free, but Claudia, orphaned at a young age and raised my her older brother Joshua, managed to survive on her own for ten years when he mysteriously disappeared. She checked herself into a psychiatric hospital when Joshua’s attempts to contact her from another dimension made her think she was hallucinating but, once she realized what was going on, nothing stopped her from trying to free her brother. Fast forward a little, and Joshua is safe and sound and Claudia is now a full-fledged agent of the Warehouse.

So let’s keep a running tally of the Cool Stuff Claudia Does, shall we?

Computer genius? Check.

Hacker extraordinaire? Indeed.

Master lockpick? Done.

Super adorable bestie? Yup.

Great hair? Need you ask?

Despite her evil nemesis beginnings (and the occasional return to badness, habits are hard to break) Claudia has a wonderful heart, a wonderful father-daughter relationship with Artie (who, let’s face it, needs her just as much, if not more, than she needs him) and is poised to become the next nearly-omniscient Caretaker of the Warehouse.

Oh, and she also sings:

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