Weekend Reading List: Dystopian trilogies and my undying love of Torchwood


  • Rebecca Solnit writes about the epidemic levels of rape and violence against women in the Nation, and it is wonderfully candid and beautifully written. She manages both to take a global look at the problem, and to examine the individual and very personal consequences. Definitely something everyone should be exposed to.
  • Becca and Neil, the vloggers behind Geek and Sundry’s Geeking Out, recently talked about queer representations in comics and tv. Their discussions are, as always, very engaging, and both videos are worth watching (even if they didn’t mention Torchwood). (Torchwood forever.)
  • Racialicious did a roundup (originally published over at Persephone Magazine) of 45 women of colour in science fiction/fantasy movies, and now I have a bunch more movies to watch.
  • Janelle Monáe (whom I will always think of as the android Cindy Mayweather) has some thoughtful things to say about sexism in the music industry. [Upworthy]
  • Margaret Atwood discusses MaddAddam, the third instalment of her dystopian trilogy (which began with Oryx and Crake in 2003) and makes me even more anxious for it to come out. [Toronto Star]

Top image: “Jimmy went in to see the Pigoons” by Jason Courtney

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One thought on “Weekend Reading List: Dystopian trilogies and my undying love of Torchwood

  1. JPK says:

    The more I hear about MaddAddam and the MA trilogy, the more I want to go back and read Handmaid’s Tale.

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