Weekend Reading List: Nostalgia and Nudity and Nerds


  • The Sims is probably the ultimate throwback to my childhood, and the Sims 3 Starter Pack is part of the latest Humble Bundle, if you pay more than the average donation. There are a few days left to get in on the “wake up, go to work, repeat” action!
  • David Kawena drew all the Disney princes (and commoner leading men) as underwear models. You’re welcome. [The Underwear Expert]
  • Though I don’t agree with everything in Paul Graham’s essay, the long read thoughtfully explores why nerds just don’t seem to get popular in high school. [Thanks to Jens Reineking for pointing this one out].
  • “Twin Baby Stars Belch Into Their Mother’s Face.” [Slate]
  • Michael Dorn will not give up on the idea of having a Worf-centric Star Trek series. And I kind of love it. [io9]
  • Bobby Roberts over at the Portland Mercury talks about how Batman could be black and, contrary to what many people seem to think, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.
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2 thoughts on “Weekend Reading List: Nostalgia and Nudity and Nerds

  1. Rico says:

    Just the thought of a Worf-centric series sent my Qapla’-o-meter haywire … no wesley’s allowed of course (unless maybe the brasher version from Big Bang) … and too bad the Majel Barret is RIP because a guest star by Lwaxana Troi would have been priceless 🙂

  2. Rico says:

    typo … the “Great” Majel Barret … could not leave that uncorrected

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