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Weekend Reading List: Inadequate representation and imperfect armour


  • The Mary Sue has a two part interview with Dark Horse Comics’ Scott Allie. In part one they discuss Buffy, Tomb Raider, and keeping fans happy, and part two takes on women in comics more specifically, Hellboy, Veil, and more!
  • Also from the Mary Sue, the Centre for the Study of Women in Television and Film released a report on gender representation in 2013, and the results are pretty dismal. Among many disheartening statistics is the fact that only thirty per cent of speaking roles last year went to women. Oh and only three percent of women on screen are Asian. Also at three per cent? Female aliens and other fantasy races.
  • Ever looked at female armour and seen exactly the same things done wrong again and again? What you need is Female Armour Bingo! [Bikini Armor Battle Damage]
  • Geekosystem has a followup to the Toronto Comic Con “cuddle a cosplayer” debacle. It’s weird.
  • Jezebel has a really beautiful piece about the endemic levels of rape, and how deeply infuriating it is that personal safety is a daily concern for women.
  •  The creators of Desktop Dungeons made a conscious decision to include more and better-portrayed women in their game, but found themselves falling back on the sexist tropes with which they were familiar. The Atlantic chronicles their efforts, missteps, and what they learned.
  • If you happen to speak French, here’s a great interview with illustrator Élise Gravel. [Camp Ouareau]
  • I stumbled across this perfect response to your typical “why don’t men/white people/straight people have their special clubs/scholarships/history months” whining, and had to share.
  • Last night I got to see the new Veronica Mars movie, and it was stupendous. Go see it! And in the meantime, here’s the trailer.
  • Everybody loves Tove Jansson these days, and for good reason! BBC News talks about the Moomins, and the influence WWII and Jansson’s relationship with Vivicka Bandler had on the adorable trolls/hippos we all know and care for.
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