Weekend Reading List: stormtroopers and double standards


  • JK Rowling will be writing a thing about Draco December 12th! Ah! [The Guardian]
  • In light of the internet collectively losing its mind over the new Star Wars trailer, Al Jazeera tackles the disturbing racist stereotypes present in the franchise thus far.
  • Some (racist) people are also not happy about the new movie’s inclusion of John Boyega. Because of course they’re not. His reply is pretty great, though. [The Dissolve]
  • Best dressed villains! [Tor]
  • I don’t think it’s possible to read the Redwall series and not salivate over those feast scenes—The nut-studded cheeses! The roasted fish! The elderberry everthings!—and the Toast has got you covered with your very own Redwall diet.
  • Also from the Toast, memories of mermaids and a genderqueer childhood.
  • Anita Sarkeesian’s Feminist Frequency channel just released a new video: “25 invisible benefits of gaming while male,” based on an older Polygon article.
  • You should know about the webcomic Robot Hugs, but also you should see this great “gender rolls” comic. (It’s a joke, but I just played a one-shot game using it to generate characters, and it was really fun).
  • A Bitch contributor read 50 books by people of colour this year, and has, as a result, some great recommendations. Of particular interest are the science fiction/fantasy titles.
  • Hey remember when DC wouldn’t let Batwoman get married? They’re apparently fine with her getting raped instead, and both the Mary Sue and Autostraddle weigh in.
  • GameLoading: Rise of the Indies is a documentary that will be coming out in the new year, but for now here’s a sneak peak about harassment in the game industry.

Top image by Grace Kraft.

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One thought on “Weekend Reading List: stormtroopers and double standards

  1. […] einem neuen Dokumentarfilm, namens Game Loading. (Via) Neben Zoe Quinn kommen auch Leute von Code Liberation zu […]

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