BAMFiles: Velma Dinkley


“Velma,” by Yui Martinez

Anyone who’s kept up with my Montreal Comic Con experience (which is everyone, right?) knows that I’m a big Velma fan. I love how talented at mystery-solving she is. I love how she never really seeks out the spotlight. I love that she is flawlessly competent at her job (I’ll forgive her constant losing-her-glasses-and-feeling-around-for-them routine, because I know that feel).

Basically, I could talk about Velma all day, and I shouldn’t be the only one. Everyone should love Velma. Velma had her shit together.

I mean, why on Earth was Fred the leader? You’d think the kid who finds clues, uncovers plots, and unmasks bad guys would be the natural choice. But no. No one ever seemed to appreciate Velma, even though she had her amazing catch phrase (all heroes should have amazing catch phrases).

Though Scooby-Doo‘s sexy lady-smart lady dichotomy was undoubtedly absurd (and even the most recent 2010 reboot fell prey to the trope), I’ll always have a soft spot for “the brains” of any group. Weirdly, Velma’s undergone a bit of a resurgence in popularity. She’s now the poster girl for the “sexy nerd” (it took me a really long  time to find a non-pinupy illustration of her on Tumblr, for example). But regardless of whether she’s being overlooked in favour of Daphne, or being hailed as a sex symbol in her own right, Velma stands out as a character who always had a plan, always had an explanation, and has been kicking ass since 1969.

Velma forever. Velma for president.


“We’ve got some work to do now,” by Travis Pitts

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